What to do if you Slip and Fall on Public Property

Lethbridge personal injury lawyerDid you know that if you slipped and fell on public property due to negligence and suffered an injury as a result, there’s a chance you’re not at fault and you may be entitled to financial compensation? By contacting an Alberta Injury lawyer, they’ll begin the process of opening a premises liability case. To put it simply, home-owners, the municipality and business owners are responsible for your safety while you’re on their property, so if your accident could have been avoided, you’re entitled to seek justice.

Here’s some steps to follow when faced with this type of situation:

Seek medical attention

Seeking medical attention after a slip and fall accident is crucial as you may not experience immediate effects relating to your injury. For example, if you fell and bumped your head, you could be suffering from a concussion and not realize it until later. By seeing a doctor, they can help diagnose you sooner before any potential issues progress. Also, ensure your doctor writes down your symptoms along with their diagnosis as it may help you build a better case in your personal injury suit.

Report the accident

The owner of the premises is responsible for your safety, so when injured on someone else’s property due to an icy parking lot, poor maintenance, or hazardous stairs or structure, you can sue for negligence. However, before seeking justice, it’s important to report the incident to the property manager or building owner. Proper documentation should be filed with the date and time of the fall, where the accident took place, and how you perceived the incident to happen. By reporting the problem, you’re not only ensuring the property manager or building owner works to correct the issue that caused the mishap in the first place, but you’re also beginning the legal process of your accident suit.

Gather information/evidence

The consequences of a mishap due to negligence could be damaging. When you’re the victim of a severe injury, you could experience a loss of wage and expensive medications or medical care without insurance through work. This is why it’s important to seek financial restitution with an injury lawyer. However, before you meet with an attorney, ensure you gather all information and evidence which will help strengthen your legal case. Take pictures of the location highlighting possible accident causes, keep copies of your initial filed report at the time of the incident, and any notes or emails that were exchanged regarding the mishap.

Work with an Attorney

In most cases, slip and falls on public property due to negligence are not the victim’s fault. If you got hurt on someone else’s lot and are looking to open an insurance claim and begin the process of filing a lawsuit, contact an Alberta injury lawyer. One of their reputable attorney’s will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf while opening up a personal injury case so you can seek justice and gain the financial compensation you deserve.

The longer you wait, the weaker your case will become. So, don’t hold off! Act now and contact an injury attorney today!

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